Intel (R) Flash Programming Tool Version: download 下载

Intel 13代系列 bios备份工具,命令使用如下:

-H|?                     Display help screen
-VER                     Displays version information.
-EXP [arg_name]          Displays example usage of this tool.
-VERBOSE <file>          Display the debug information of the tool.
-NORESET                 Cancel reset.
-Y                       Do NOT prompt when a warning occurs.
-I                       Displays information about the flash image.
-F <file> [NOVERIFY]     Load binary file into flash.  "NoVerify" skips verify.
-VERIFY <file>           Compare binary file to flash.
-NOVERIFY                Disable the automatic verify when flashing a new file to flash.
-D <file>                Dump flash contents to file or "STDOUT".
-DESC                    Load/verify/dump Descriptor region.
-BIOS                    Load/verify/dump BIOS region.
-ME                      Load/verify/dump Intel ME region.
-GBE                     Load/verify/dump Legacy GbE region.
-PDR                     Load/verify/dump PDR region.
-EC                      Load/verify/dump Embedded Controller region.
-SAVEMAC                 Saves the GbE MAC when GbE is being reflashed.
- Press Enter key to continue -
-SAVESXID                Saves the GbE SSID and SVID when GbE is being reflashed.
-E                       Do NOT erase area before writing to flash.
-REWRITE                 Rewrite the SPI with file data even if flash is identical.
-ADDRESS|A <address>     Flash address to load/verify/dump file.
-LENGTH|L <length>       Number of bytes to load/verify/dump.
-CVARS                   Displays a list of Manufacturing Line Configurable NVARs supported.
-MASTERACCESSGEN         Generates a Manufacturing Line Configurable Master Access Input File.
-CFGGEN                  Generates a Manufacturing Line Configurable NVAR Input File.
-U                       Update Manufacturing Line Configurable NVAR.
-CLEAR                   Overwrites a pending NVAR value update request with the file system's current.
-O <file>                Sets an output file name.
-IN <file>               Input Manufacturing Line Configurable NVAR/MasterAccess file.
-N <name>                Name of variable.
-V <value>               Value for variable.
-CLOSEMNF                End of Manufacturing. Details on NoReset use -exp option.
-GRESET                  Global reset. Details on NoReset use -exp option.
-PAGE                    Pauses the screen when a page of text is reached.
-R <name>                Read a variable.
-VARS                    Display supported variables.
-COMMIT                  Commit Manufacturing Line Configurable NVARs.
-DISABLEME               Disable ME.
-FPFS                    Displays the list of FPFs.
-GETPID [file]           Retrieve the part id.
-WRITETOKEN <file>       Write the token where the filename is the token name.
-ERASETOKEN              Delete the token.
-COMMITFVCSVN            Send the minimum supported Anti Rollback Security Version (SVN)
-STRAPUPDATE             Update Manufacturing Line Configurable SoftStrap.
-READSTRAPS              Read all the softStraps.
-StartPSR <4 bytes date> Initiate PSR logging into the Intel(R) CSME FW

Download :
Intel 13 Bios (访问密码: 9280)


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